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One-Body-Fitness, Inc., understands that there is a lot of confusing information regarding the use of vitamins and herbal supplements.

Our goal is to assist individuals in finding the safest and most proven products that can address their personal needs. There are many varying philosophies on this subject and each sometimes contradicts the other.

At this time, we have selected FreeLife as our preferred provider of herbal and nutritional products and supplements. Dr. Earl Mindell, who is considered to be America’s number one nutritionist and most trusted pharmacist, is exclusively affiliated with FreeLife. He is the author of the book, The Vitamin Bible, which sold over 10 million copies. He also has appeared on numerous national morning, afternoon, and evening television talk shows. His 30 years of research, experience, and knowledge in the nutritional field is leveraged in identifying, designing, and developing these products.

In addition to him, Nine Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Carl Lewis, has been using the Soy-based products since his 1996 Olympic Season.

To find out more information on these health and nutritional products, please visit the FreeLife web site.